By Kameelah L. Martin (auth.)

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Midnight dances, bathing and eating together with other less innocent pleasure make the early summer a time of unrestrained orgies with the blacks. This season is marked by the coronation of a new Voodoo Queen in the place of the celebrated Marie Laveau, who has held that office for a quarter of a century and is now superannuated in her 70th year. Old Marie gained her place through her reputation in laying out dead bodies, and maintaining it by a powerful fetish in the shape of a large doll-like idol from Africa.

Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch to Live” 21 their spiritual traditions—particularly in the English Protestant colonies— Barbara Bush acknowledges that enslaved females were often more threatening to the master class due to the intimacy with the colonizer afforded them by their domestic servitude. 17 Similarly, Haitian oral history credits the success of the Haitian Revolution to a Vodou ceremony held in the hills of the island in which an elder mambo was possessed by the loa Ogu, the deity of war.

Following the birth of Victor Pierre in 1853, Marie Eucharist is scarcely found in any reliable, documented records. Ward observes that Marie Eucharist was last seen publicly—and by publicly I assume her to mean outside of the free Creole community within the French Quarter where she resided—around 1873 based on a report in a local paper, The New Orleans Times: “Marie Laveau, the Voudou Queen, made her advent as a spectator yesterday in the lobby of the Criminal Court, and attracted special attention by her weird appearance.

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