By edited by Alessandra Lorini, Duccio Basosi ; with a preface by Ronald Pruessen, Rick Halpern, Max Guderzo.

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Cuban men deployed on the Saint-Domingue-Santo Domingo border had been defeated by some of those slave forces in 17941795. Cuban residents had opportunities to witness defeated whites evacuate the French colony and then to read the proclamations of their black victors. The fears or hopes allegedly inspired by the Haitian Revolution would have been shaped by these very concrete contacts and experiences. But what of the enslaved and free people of color specifically? How are we to understand their relationship to and understanding of the Haitian los Yngleses apresavan los Buques que vienían cargados de negros por que no queria que hubiera esclavitud, destinando aquellos a Santo Domingo para que fuesen gobernados por el Rey Negro».

This was, of course, the fear of both planters and authorities. The words of captured slaves, then, were not entirely comforting. Haiti was for their servants clearly an example to hold up. Take the case, for example, of the alleged slave conspiracy that was uncovered in Güines in 1806. Güines was at the center of the transformation of slavery in Cuba, home to the boom that converted Cuba into the world’s largest producer of sugar in the 1820s. The leaders of the 1806 conspiracy were three enslaved men.

Quote is: «y entonces le enseño Aponte el retrato del Rey negro de Aití nombrado Henrique Cristóval, instruyendole que se había coronado y reconocido por el Rey de Ynglaterra y el Rey de España. Que 21 Part I – The Making of the Cuban Republic 37 It was in this world, that slaves and free people of color talked about Haiti’s commitment to their freedom – a world where men and women who would have been enslaved alongside them had through the intervention of Christophe reached free soil23. 4. Conclusion If we return to our original question of how the Haitian Revolution was apprehended in a Cuba that was just making the transition to full-fledged slavery, we see now how insufficient it is to speak simply about vague notions of fear and hope.

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