By Jeffrey Michael Featherstone, Juan Signes-Codoner

A valuable resource for the second one interval of Iconoclasm and the Amorian dynasty, the ancient compilation referred to as Theophanes Continuatus used to be one of the first works of the classicising revival in Byzantium after the darkish Age (7-8th centuries). A severe version of the Greek textual content of Books I IV, exchanging that of 1838 via I. Bekker, is observed right here by means of the 1st whole English translation."

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Any definitive solution of the problem must wait until the text of Redaction B is properly edited. Only then will we be able to appreciate the network of relations linking court historians recording the events of the ninth and tenth centuries. 28* Prolegomena The present edition 29* 7. The present edition a) Principles As noted in Sˇevˇcenko’s edition of the VBas, Carl de Boor in his unpublished edition of ThCont mainly followed V; and for his edition of the VBas, Sˇevcˇ enko used V and de Boor.

From narrative historiography to historical biography. , Οι μεταμορ σει« τη« “μψ ολογ α«” τοψ Βασιλε οψ Α2, in: Leontaritou, V. A. – Bourdara, K. A. ), ANTECESSOR. Festschrift für Spyros N. Troianos zum 80. Geburtstag, Athens, 945–970. , L’accentuation byzantine: en quoi et pourquoi elle diffère de l’accentuation “savante” actuelle, parfois absurde, in Hinterberger, M. ), The language of Byzantine learned literature. Byzantios: Studies in Byzantine History and Civilization 9, Turnhout, 96–146.

Bekker 44* Chron Min Const Porph Tres Tabula notarum in apparatibus adhibitarum Chronica Minora, ed. Schreiner Constantinus Porphyrogenitus, Three treatises on imperial military expeditions, ed. Haldon DAI Constantinus Porphyrogenitus, De Administrando Imperio, ed. Moravcsik-Jenkins De Cer Constantinus Porphyrogenitus, De Cerimoniis Aulae Byzantinae, ed Reiske De Theophili absolutione De Theophili absolutione, ed. Regel, Analecta 1891 De Teophili benefactis De Teophili benefactis, ed. Regel, Analecta 1891 Encomium Theodori Theophanes Caesariensis, Praise of Theodore Graptus, ed.

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