By John E. McMurry, Robert C. Fay

For those who see the connections, you’ll see the chemistry. Today’s scholars use textbooks in a different way than long ago; and Chemistry, 6th version is designed to map to how you search and procedure info. This e-book is understood for a sensible, distinct presentation that blends the quantitative and visible elements of common chemistry. good points like Remember…, Conceptual difficulties, Conceptual labored Examples, Inquiry and labored Examples make those severe connections transparent and visual, so you’ll particularly see the chemistry the 1st time.

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4 SIGNIFICANT FIGURES How many significant figures does each of the following measurements have? 0015 g. 7801 g. 7791 g? 14 How many significant figures does each of the following quantities have? Explain your answers. 13 ROUNDING NUMBERS It often happens, particularly when doing arithmetic on a calculator, that a quantity appears to have more significant figures than are really justified. 70 gal Although the answer on the calculator has eight digits, your measurement is really not as precise as it appears.

Even water can be toxic if drunk in large amounts because it dilutes the salt in body fluids and causes a potentially life-threatening condition called hyponatremia that has resulted in the death of several marathon runners. Furthermore, how we evaluate risk is strongly influenced by familiarity. Many foods contain natural ingredients far more toxic than synthetic additives or pesticide residues, but the ingredients are ignored because the foods are familiar. All decisions involve trade-offs. Does the benefit of a pesticide that increases food production outweigh a possible health risk to 1 person in 1 million?

Dime. S. 27 g. 11 12 Chapter 1 CHEMISTRY: MATTER AND MEASUREMENT The standard kilogram is set as the mass of a cylindrical bar of platinum–iridium alloy stored in a vault in a suburb of Paris, France. S. C. The terms “mass” and “weight,” although often used interchangeably, have quite different meanings. Mass is a physical property that measures the amount of matter in an object, whereas weight measures the force with which gravity pulls on an object. Mass is independent of an object’s location: your body has the same amount of matter whether you’re on Earth or on the moon.

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