By Pavel Tsatsouline, Andrea Du Cane, Robert Pearl, Derek Brigham

The upside is that he writes the easiest books out there. "Bulletproof Abs" teaches you the simplest routines you are able to do to extend the useful energy of your abdominals, and get that horny "six-pack" if that is what you are after. lots of the routines might be performed at domestic, utilizing no equipemnt (or affordable equipment). these indignant reviewers who insist this can be an info-mertial for his ab-machine (which he admittedly does put it on the market within the booklet) appear to disregard that he demonstrates how a associate can take where of the "Pavelizer". the opposite workouts might be performed on my own. Pavel is the top ab guru one of the critical iron-lifters for a cause: his stuff works.

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44) Tucking your butt under will help. Do not just sit up (Fig. 45)—curl up! Once you have reached the top, exhale, inhale, and start over. Go for it! You will be a hurting unit the morning after! 49 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S (Wheel) Jackknife Pushups One of my victims wished there was an especially hot spot in hell for me for having him do wheel jackknives! The evil wheel (Fig. 46) can be bought for $10 in most sporting goods stores. The package shows off inappropriately smiling ladies.

62 Fig. 63 59 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S Advanced people can try one arm jackknife pushups (Fig. 64), or the Spetsnaz special, the one arm-one leg jackknife! (Fig. 65) Fig. 64 Fig. 65 60 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S Various pushup drills from Yananis’ arsenal, include lifting your legs and arms in different combinations and in different directions. (Fig. 66, 67, 68) A three second hold is considered a rep.

23), then follow the instructions for the one legged version of this evil drill. Fig. 23A Fig. 23B 34 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S If you are having trouble with this exercise, you could try an easier version, with your spine flexed forward, as in a crunch, and your head up. (Fig. 24) Fig. 24 35 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S Situps—the Right Way Here is a test to see if you are ready for situps. You must be able to flatten your back against the floor while keeping your legs straight on the floor.

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