By William M. A. Grimaldi

Aristotle, Rhetoric II: A statement completes the acclaimed paintings undertaken via the writer in his first (1980) quantity on Aristotle's Rhetoric. the 1st remark at the Rhetoric in additional than a century, it's not prone to be outmoded for no less than one other hundred years.

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2974- There are three kinds of goods proper to man: intellectual, moral, material. ywela which A. names here. A. JGI~ ARISTOTLE, 'llRETORIC' II apart from what we meet here in chap. 2. and at 80a 19-21. 88b 22-28. • A II. 7Ia IS; 6. Il4b 23) it is with the meaning set forth in 78b 15-17. o~ Again. the meaning of this word is fairly well determined by what we meet here (b 17-22); it is used again at 82a 2. The more common form. a. ;.... is found in Herodotus. Lysias. Antiphon. Xenophon. Demosthenes.

Ppears to be a gloss made to explain such an interpretation. ) is to be interpreted, I believe. , ofo. "ap'JIllJv lIB'll (SOTt. " Kassel, Der Text, pp. 132£, interprets the passage clliferently but is aware, it would seem, of the difficulties in the common interpretation. t 68a IS : 2; c£ SSb 30, 5Sb 3S, 59' 25, 6,. 7, 6Sa IS, 6sb 23, 69a 15-16, 7

If the action is done knowingly and voluntarily. the neoa1ee,,'f: of the agent is actively engaged. and it is in the neoa[e''''~ that the wrongness lies. Applying this to 6Pe'~. he says that "if someone strikes another. he. assuredly. has not committed an act of 6Pe'~; but if he does so for some purpose - for example. to dishonor the other person. " From this it would appear that hybris is an act, and, specifically. a gratuitous insult, which in this instance involves a further act of physical violence as well; see also EE I221b 18-26.

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