By Paolo Asso

Ebook four of Lucan??s epic contrasts Europe with Africa. on the conflict of Lerida (Spain), a violent typhoon motives the neighborhood rivers to flood the apparent among the 2 hills the place the opposing armies are camped. Asso??s observation strains Lucan??s memories of early Greek stories of production, while Chaos held the weather in vague confusion. This primordial broth units the tone for the entire publication. After the conflict, the scene switches to the Adriatic shore of Illyricum (Albania), and eventually to Africa, the place the proto-mythical water of the start of the publication cedes to the dryness of the wasteland. The narrative unfolds opposed to the heritage of the conflict of the weather. The Spanish deluge is changed via the desiccated desolation of Africa. The statement contrasts the representations of Rome with Africa and explores the importance of Africa as an area infected by way of evil, yet which is still a vital part of Rome. besides Lucan??s different geographic and natural-scientific discussions, Africa??s place as part of the Roman global is painstakingly supported by means of astronomic and geographic erudition in Lucan??s mixing of clinical and mythological discourse. The poet is a visionary who helps his fact claims by way of clinical discourse.

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In fact, specialized vocabulary is but another aspect not only of declamatory technique but also of erudite poetry, in observance to the scientific interests of the time. For instance in his descriptions of combat L. 631 induruit (cf. 630-1 and 751). To say ‘corpse’ he opts for the allegedly prosaic cadauer (787), which occurs frequently in L. 319-47). 73 A few examples from distinctive vocabulary will show how L. 74 Compounds such as the rare semirutus are particularly evocative, and it is significant that out of three attestations in poetry, two are found in L.

XIXF. 63, saec. X = Bruxellensis bibl. Burgund. 5330-32, olim Gemblacensis, saec. X = consensus codicum MVPZUG uel eorum plures, praeter tamen eos qui separatim laudantur = alii codices, praesertim recentiores = = = = = Parisinus lat. u. acq. 1626, Ashburnhamensis, saec. IX Bernensis 45, saec. IX Erlangensis 389 (olim 304), saec. X Vaticanus lat. 3284, saec. XI Palatinus lat. 869 (una cum Ottob. lat 1210; ud. Badalì 1992, xvii adn. 2) saec. XI/XII = lectiones in Commentis Bernensibus, quae dicuntur ab Usenero edita ex cod.

At daybreak, Caesar commanded them to climb in a sudden rush the hill that safely separates Ilerda from the camp. The enemy was drawn to this place by equal measures of fear and shame, and Caesar captured the hill with a swift offensive. Virtue and the sword hold forth the promise of the ground to Caesar’s men, yet the ground itself does the same for the enemy. The overburdened soldiers struggle against the tall cliffs, and the battle line, face upwards, clings to the rising mountain. When about to fall each man steadies himself on the shield of the one following.

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