By Chris Endres

Training the Princeton Offense is a book/DVD package deal that covers every little thing a trainer would have to comprehend which will enforce this offense along with his crew. The Princeton offense teaches basketball gamers tips on how to play opposed to any man-to-man safeguard. This offense is tough to scout and is very helpful to school groups who may well lack a step of quickness or an inch of top opposed to their competitors. This book/DVD package deal takes a glance at this subtle offensive scheme and breaks it down in a masterful method by using easy terminology and well-thought-out court docket diagrams.

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Each phase has three to four options. An example of a possession of the Princeton offense is called the high series (Diagram 1-3). Using this phase the point guard or the coach will make a high call. This signals the post player to pop up to the high post position, where he catches the basketball and the perimeter players then will execute the series of options that are described in Chapter 2. After the options have been exhausted and a scoring opportunity cannot be found by the attacking offense, the team will then transition into another phase by having the post player make a hard cut to the basket and then look to establish another post position.

If the ball cannot get to the post player flashing to the ballside post, then enter the offense with a pass to the ballside wing player (Diagram 5-10). The side post sets a back screen for the ballside guard to run the shuffle cut. Or the ballside guard can pass to the weakside guard and still run the shuffle cut. All of these options are explained in Chapter 3. A third pressure release is for the side post to flash out to the high post. This move puts the offense in the high phase (Diagram 5-11).

Diagram 2-1 Diagram 2-2 Diagram 2-3 Diagram 2-4 Diagram 2-5 If the option of the wing screener to slip is not available, the wing screener will establish a post position on the block and look to receive a pass from the ballside wing or the post player at the top of the key (Diagram 2-6). One of the options the guards have in the phase is once the guard receives the basketball from the post player, after either curling or crossing, he should read how his man is guarding him as he comes off of the screen.

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