By Ananda S. Prasad

In reaction to the global illnesses brought on by dietary zinc deficiency, coupled with the striking advances in our wisdom of zinc metabolism, the writer has written this monograph at the medical results of this crucial mineral. Dr. Prasad specializes in biochemical elements, but additionally comprises chapters on toxicity and overview thoughts with the intention to supply clinicians who come upon zinc similar difficulties of their perform with a realistic reference source.

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The zinc appeared to be tightly bound to this enzyme molecule. Cytochrome c oxidase, the enzyme at the terminus of the respiratory chain, has a key bioenergetic role by catalyzing the following reaction: 0 2 + 4 cytochrome c2+ + 4H+- 2H 20 + 4 cytochrome cH Reduced cytochrome c molecules give up one electron each at the outer surface of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Present evidence indicates that these electrons are accepted first at one heme iron (heme a or Fee) and one copper (Cue) and are transferred later to the other heme (heme a3 or FeL*) and the other copper (Cud.

A,D c A A ? B ? A,C A A A A A A A A A A A ? A 19 Zinc and Enzymes Table 2-1. (Continued) Name Creatinase Dihydropyrimidine aminohydrolase AMP deaminase Nucleotide pyrophosphatase Class IV: lyases Fructose-! ,6-bisphosphate aldolase L- Rhamn ulose-1-phosphate aldolase Carbonic anhydrase o-Aminolevulinic acid dehydratase Glyoxalase I Class V: isomerases Phosphomannose isomerase Class VI: ligases tRNA synthetase Source Number 4 Pseudomonas putida ? Bovine liver Rabbit muscle Yeast ? Yeast, bacteria E.

1980), the pair-fed control group was given 100 ppm of zinc for 4 and 15 weeks, respectively. Coleman and Foster (1970) reported an absence of zinc in bovine GDH. They indicated that the low, nonstoichiometric content of zinc and the lack of proportionality between zinc content and the activity ofGDH suggest that zinc is not an integral part of this enzyme. Furthermore, they found that GDH was inhibited by extrinsic zinc (Ki = 3 X 10- 7 M) and under similar conditions binds 1 g-atom of zinc per peptide chain.

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