By A. Mansson McGinty

While Islam has turn into a debatable subject within the West, increasingly more Westerners locate robust that means in Islam. changing into Muslim is an ethnographic learn in accordance with in-depth interviews with Swedish and American ladies who've switched over to Islam.

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At the time of the interviews Ayre and her husband had three children. She was working at a center for Muslim children and was involved in various women’s organizations, visiting classes, and helping Muslim immigrant women in their everyday life in Sweden within different projects. Zarah likewise left the Swedish church at the age of twenty-one. As a child, however, she attended Sunday school and had been confirmed. She had a belief in God but she wanted to feel “free” from the church and the ideas she had grown up with, which she had difficulties grasping and accepting.

Ayre: Very long process. Anna: What impelled you after all? Ayre: Well, I actually do not know. It was an inner drive. Since my teens I had decided that I was an atheist and socialist. But then nevertheless . . Anna: What drew you to the Muslim organization? One way was to look them up. Ayre: Yes, it was a friend of mine who thought that I could come with her and meet there. And then after the first time I got . . wow, this was . . it was the spiritual aspect. I understood that socialism was not an answer to all the questions here in life.

179). :180). Naturally, the women reject certain values and ways of living but they seldom express a fundamental denial of their previous life or self. Instead the women reorganize their biography and through a conversion narrative they create self-coherence and continuity by negotiating meaning between past and present, between the one I was then and the one I am today. ” This is not only a theoretical assumption, it is a hypothesis that rests on the converts’ experiences. M. McGinty, Becoming Muslim © Anna Mansson McGinty 2006 34 Becoming Muslim colleagues at work, as well as visiting and living in Muslim countries (cf.

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