By Vogel H.-J.

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Four researchers from Austria, Müller, Andreitz, Krainer and Mayr, contributed this chapter to document the effects of a research-based learning approach (a foursemester program of “Pedagogy and Subject Didactics for Teachers”) on teachers’ professional development. In addition to surveying teacher participants’ motivation, learning strategies, and satisfaction with course, the researchers employed multiple scales to capture possible changes in the program participants’ interests, competencies, and knowledge.

All 10 students had similar background knowledge about physics. The hatched bars in Fig. 5 show the amounts the students could learn on their own (pre-test) and the dark bars show how much more the tutor could help the students gain. As Fig. 5 shows, not surprisingly, there is a difference in how much the sample of 10 students could learn on their own. What is surprising is that the poorest three students gained the least amount whereas both the intermediate students and the best students gained substantially more.

In order to cause the top block to slip on the bottom one, a horizontal force F1 must be applied to the top block. Assume a frictionless table, find the maximum horizontal, the explicit words in the problem statement itself does not elicit the relevant deep physics principles. However, it is not the case that novices cannot identify the relevant and important key words: In fact, novices can identify the relevant and important key words in a problem statement quite adequately, as shown in Chi, Glaser, and Rees (1982, Study 8).

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