By Anatole Mori

Apollonius Rhodius' epic poem, the Argonautica, is among the most crucial and influential literary productions of the Hellenistic interval. This e-book indicates how the retelling of a heroic experience set within the new release prior to the Trojan struggle engages the political, non secular, and moral dynamics of its day by means of alluding to the real-world context of the early Ptolemaic dynasty in addition to to poetic and different types. via a hegemonic typology that levels from the simply and theocratic to the duplicitous and lawless, Apollonius characterizes the political heirs of Alexander the good as pious, civilized rulers. This interpretation is going past earlier reviews via analyzing the political resonance of spiritual job within the poem, and via pertaining to those formulations (especially the place they predicament Apollonius' departures from his literary predecessors) to the ideological building of Hellenic identification in third-century Egypt.

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In 422, for example, the people of Amphipolis replaced the memorials of the Athenian Hagnon, who had founded the city in 437/6 and was still alive, with memorials for the Spartan general Brasidas, who was mortally wounded defending the city against Athens and was to be honored thereafter as a hero with annual sacrifices (Thuc. 1). 16 Interestingly, the king chose to include his own image in a procession of statues of the Twelve Gods during the wedding celebration of his daughter at Aegae (Diod.

While Cameron differentiates historical epic – on his view a short-lived genre for which there is little solid evidence – from full-scale mythological and regional epic, both of which are better attested,86 he claims that the new epics performed in such contests would rarely have exceeded several hundred lines: On the traditional interpretation of the Aetia prologue, we have hitherto been asked to believe that short poems were eccentric and provocative, a minority taste without influence till Roman times.

325), the first head of the Library (prostates), became the first “corrector” (diorthotes) of Homeric epic,74 producing an annotated version (diorthosis) that served as a standard reference text in the Library. This text did not circulate widely in the modern sense of publication,75 but despite the lack of what might be properly termed a vulgate edition, the efforts of the Alexandrian scholars, especially the influential 70 72 73 74 75 71 Lord 1953, 131. Shipley 2000, 247. Amid the vast bibliography on Homeric oral poetics, see esp.

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