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The fat content of the human body is 16%in the embryo, with an adult body consisting of approximately the same percentage; deviations range from 8 to 50% (FriisHansen 1965). Fat is stored mainly subcutaneously and in the muscular tissue, as well as in deposits surrounding the inner organs such as the heart, kidneys, and intestines. In addition to its function as a quickly activated energy source,the subcutaneously deposited fat also serves as an insulating layer against hypothenria; the fat tissue surrounding the inner organs serves as a protective pad against physical injuries.

8). 70 - . 0 Fig. 26. Price relation between soybean oil and ethylene. S. S. S. S. Europe lo00 650 160 195 350 210 110 64 98 2 99 1 57 43 72 28 16 84 37 63 85 15 100 0 dSource:Seidel (1 983). 7 Fats and Oils as a Source of Energy In the course of history, it has been demonstrated repeatedly that fats are suitable as a source of energy. Rudolf Diesel had already determined that his engines could run on edible oil. As early as 1900, a Diesel engine powered by peanut oil was shown at the world’s fair in Paris (Nitske and Wilson 1965).

1968) Preparations and Properties of Some Polyglycerol Esters of Short and Medium Chain Length Fatty Acids, J. Am. Oil Chem. 48, 307. , (1982) Polyglycerol Esters: Unique Additives for the Bakery Industry, Cereal Foods World 27, 510. , (1975) Haemostatic Function and Platelet Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Eskimos, Lancet 2, 433-435. , (1982) Modification of Radiation-Induced SexLinked Recessive Lethal Mutation Frequency by Tocopherol, Mutat. Res. 105, 73-77. , (1988) Editorial Comment: Essential Fatty Acids, SA Tijdskrift voor Voedselwetenschap en Voeding I , 2.

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