By Breyr S.

Серия фотоальбомов «Die Deutsche Kriegsmarine 1935-1945» составлена из редких архивных фотографий Кригсмарине периода 1935-1945гг. Кроме того книги содержат ряд интересной справочной информации о Кригсмарине. Каждый выпуск посвящен своей теме: 1-й - крейсерам, 2-й – эсминцам и ВС, 3-й – подводному флоту и униформе, 4-й – линкорам.

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For this, great use has been made of the carbon-nitrogen process, which has a shorter decay time and the advantage that it dates the fossils themselves. This cycle is initiated by cosmic rays, which are high energy particles that reach the earth from space. They collide with atoms in the atmosphere, breaking them into less energetic particles. A neutron from these interactions can combine with one of the abundant atmospheric Nitrogen (N14) atoms which then becomes unstable and emits a proton to become carbon (C14).

In addition, with this scale it is difficult to distinguish points with low values, and the curve drawn through the points does not make clear that the abscissa (horizontal axis) values are logarithms of the ordinate (vertical scale) values, rather than having some other dependence. , the logarithmic scale of values from Figure 1-1, instead of the value itself. This is called a semi-logarithmic plot; it is shown in Figure 1-2b with the same three points. With the new ordinate scale distance are proportional to the logarithms of the numbers being plotted, not to the numbers themselves.

Table 1-2 and Figure 1-1 Logarithmic scale. Quantitative Measure 15 A useful scale can be constructed by marking lengths proportional to the logs of numbers, instead of the number themselves. This is shown, for the integers, by the scale on Figure 1-1a. 2% up the scale between 1 and 10. , and the power for numbers from 1 and 10 can be combined to find the exact power of any number, by adding exponents. 602. 333. 5=log3162. We see that the logarithms of numbers greater than 10 differ from those between 1 and 10 only by the constant integer preceding the decimal point, without altering their relative placement within the basic ranges.

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