By Michael James Duff, James T Liu, Kellogg S Stelle

This quantity contains the contributions to the complaints of Deserfest -- a festschrift in honor of Stanley Deser. a lot of Stanley Deser's colleagues and longtime collaborators, together with Richard Arnowitt and Charles Misner of "ADM" status, give a contribution insighted article. starting from decrease dimensional gravity theories the entire solution to supergravity in 11 dimensions and M-theory, the papers spotlight the broad impression that Deser has had within the box.

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Multi-tachyon spaces (that is, quotients of Minkowski space by a group of Poincare isometries with more than one generator) exist, provided the corresponding hyperbolic angles are large enough. They are known to mathematicians as Margulis spaces. Their fundamental regions are not as simply a For more on such spacetimes and their closed timelike curves see reference [5]. T h e singular region should not be regarded as the region covered by closed timelike curves (which has a lightlike boundary).

Also, if the total mass of a set of particles exceeds a limit (total deficit angle greater than 2it), the spacetime becomes spatially closed by the appearance of an additional particle that makes the total angle deficit 47r, as is appropriate for a 2-sphere topology. Because the identification planes are to some extent arbitrary, it is really the isometry that characterizes a Deser-Jackiw-'t Hooft particle spacetime. One can choose any surface (for simplicity assume that it contains the axis of the isometry) and its image under the isometry as the identification surface.

Its geodesies no longer look parallel, they do not intersect at a finite point in the initial surface, but they do intersect in the mapping plane. (This is the meaning of ultraparallel. ) The construction, then is analogous to what one would do to construct initial values in the Deser-Jackiw-'t Hooft prescription, except that the point particle is located "beyond infinity", and the identification is not by a rotation, but by an isometry of the Klein space metric (which is more similar to a Lorentz transformation).

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