By Chris Rolliston

Half 2 of a accomplished advisor to the language and middle non-visual libraries of Embarcadero Delphi XE2; during this half, string dealing with, collections and I/O are coated. Adopting an built-in technique, the booklet covers either more moderen and older positive factors along each other.

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Over the maximum -> error The default is to not have a maximum capacity, or more exactly, a maximum capacity of High(Integer). g. IntToStr) is called and the result passed on to the main Append overload that takes a string. ])), and AppendLine just a shortcut for Append(SLineBreak) or Append(S + SLineBreak). All indices are zero based. ToString(1, 2) returns 'BC'. Free; end; Use the Equal method if you want to check whether the content of two string builder objects is the same, since it will be slightly more performant than comparing the results of ToString.

However, the book does not explicitly highlight what will and what will not. Conversely, a focus on fundamentals means a subject-matter of the Delphi language and wider runtime library (RTL). Topics such as the RAD Studio IDE and Visual Component Library (VCL — Delphi’s longstanding graphical user interface framework) are therefore covered only incidentally. Instead, coverage spans from basic language syntax — the way Delphi code is structured and written in other words — to the RTL’s support for writing multithreaded code, in which a program performs multiple operations at the same time.

This will cause the IDE to regain control just before the program closes, allowing you to switch back to the console window to view the output. To allow the program to then close normally, switch back to the IDE and press either the ‘Run’ toolbar button or the F9 key, as you would have done to start the program in the first place. Sample projects Code for the more substantive examples in the book can be found in a Subversion repository hosted on Google Code. An easy way to download it is to use the RAD Studio IDE: 1.

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