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Half 1 of a entire consultant to the language and center non-visual libraries of Embarcadero Delphi XE2; during this half, simple language syntax and OOP performance are lined. Adopting an built-in process, the publication covers either more recent and older positive aspects along each other. whereas it will not train you ways to software, it assumes little Delphi wisdom particularly.

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SysUtils. • The code between the begin and end define what the program actually does, which in this case still isn’t very much! Specifically, only a custom ‘default exception handler’ is defined. , runtime error) will ultimately be trapped and not escape the program. Because of this, the application won’t ever ‘crash’ from the point of view of the operating system. (As an aside: begin/end pairs appear a lot in Delphi. e. , some descriptive text for the programmer’s benefit but ignored by the compiler.

Going further with classes and records Metaclasses Interfaces Generics Anonymous methods ‘Advanced’ records: operator overloading General Introduction Delphi is a complete software development environment for Windows, having its own language, libraries and ‘RAD Studio’ IDE. Now in its XE2 incarnation, Delphi continues to evolve. Most notably, XE2 supports writing applications for Mac OS X, an ability added in the context of numerous other extensions and improvements across recent releases. Centred upon XE2, this book aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Delphi programming as they stand today.

A further consequence is that programming in Delphi is inherently ‘closer to the metal’ than programming in managed code environments, let alone scripting languages like JavaScript. This does have some costs; most notably, memory management sometimes must be explicitly coded, since there is no global ‘garbage collector’ that automatic frees up memory. However, memory management is not exactly difficult either, and you rarely (if ever) have to use lower-level constructs. Rather, they are there for as and when you want to make use them.

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