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It is known that increasing the characteristic size in the transitional regime leads to an increase in the heat transfer coefficient, that is, when the value of Re increases, Nu number increases at a higher proportion. It means that Nu ~ Rem, where m > 1. ), but also by probable variation in laws of pore size distribution. In reality, both experimental methods and theoretical models of the internal heat transfer do not consider pore influence on heat transfer intensity. Current calculation methods for heat transfer inside porous media accounting for the pore distribution effect were reported by Cheiphez and Naimark [17].

7 mm in stainless steel plate (width, 18 mm; thickness, 2 mm; length, 125 mm). 8 mm [4]. Heating was done by using direct electric current. A wall temperature was measured by six thermocouples, located on the back side of the plate with grooves (three at the inlet and three at the outlet). Unfortunately, the authors did not describe the flow-rate measurement technique used. Suppose that the entire flow rate was measured for the whole channel set. The problem of average temperature determination was excluded, because only local heat transfer coefficients were determined in cross sections, where wall temperatures were measured.

Therefore, according to the recommendations of Dulnev and Zarichnyak [15], wall temperature jump should be accounted for by the correction factor to the thermal conductivity of gas bulk flow lL0 at pressure p 0 and temperature T as λL = B= λL0 1 + B /( pδ ) 4k 2 - f 1 ln p0 k +1 f Pr where k is the adiabatic index, d is the pore size, f is the accommodation coefficient characterizing the energy transfer due to the molecule collisions with wall surface, and ln is the length of the mean free path of molecules at given pressure and temperature values.

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