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76-78. Theophanes Continuatus, 50, refers to Thomas as of Slavic origin, though his origin is elsewhere said to have been Armenian, Charanis, “Ethnic Changes,” p. 79, n. 3. This remarks on the continued existence of a Slavic element in Asia Mlnor. See also P. -snurce _ .... Lemerle, “Thomas le Slave,” Travaux et Mimoires, I (Paris, 1965), 257-297, Constantine Porphyrogenitus, D e Caerimoniis, I, 622. , p. 666, but on p. 669, he mentions that there were only 127 in the Opsicion theme. I n regard to the continuity of the Slavic settlements of the seventh and eighth centuries the question has been raised whether these Sthlavesianoi were their descendants or not.

The anccdote is of interest in showing the presence of itinerant merchants, of the offerings made even by children and, finally, that the saints were shrewd businessmen. Anrich, Hagios Nikoloas, p. 286. 210 Sigalas, “AI~~oxEu~~,” pp. 328, 333, 317. 211 T h e inhabitants of Gangra In Paphlagonia sent one pound of gold as an offering, Kapnopopia, to the church of the Archangel Michael in Chonae. Aufhauser, 121iracttlfl S, Georgii, pp. 108-113. St. George is not a t all jealous, in this particular incident, that his followers are making the gift to the patron saint of a different area.

St. Nicholas intervened to procure grain for the starving inhabitants of Myra (Anrich, Hngios Nikolaos, pp. 132-133). l o o Anrich, Hagias Nikolaos, pp. 408-409,415. His hagiographer reports the story of one Syrian mule merchant who wore a golden likeness of the saint on his chest as a result OF having been saved by St. Nicholas whcn he was lost on ajourney to India. In another case a Muslim fisherman from Egypt, threatened by storms while at sea, promised to become Christian if St. Nicholas would save him.

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