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The Lockheed Constellation was once an plane that broke the mildew whilst it got here to early airliner layout. the normal method of a immediately, tubular fuselage and a traditional tail and wing association continues to be the attempted and confirmed confi guration of all airliners to today. operating to a suite of specifi cations provided through enterprise wealthy person Howard Hughes for using TWA, Lockheed’s leader clothier ‘Kelly’ Johnson created a piece of artwork with curves all through which had by no means been designed into an plane, in no way an airliner, sooner than, or seeing that. Lockheed’s layout process may price them in the end their major opponents, Douglas, may move down the extra conventional airliner layout direction and accomplish a lot larger revenues hence. The contract with Hughes over the airplane could additionally prevent household revenues as a huge caveat used to be that no Constellations will be bought to airways within the united states until eventually years after the airliner had entered provider with TWA. Understandably, a few operators seemed somewhere else for his or her post-war wishes and Douglas benefi tted for that reason.

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When attached, the Speedpak, which could carry a maximum of 8,300lb of cargo, imposed a range penalty of 4% and a speed penalty of 12mph. Oddly, the Speedpak was not a great success, probably because it could not take large items of cargo and, only 75 units were produced by Lockheed. 44 TWA TIMELINE Right: The most unique development in baggage and cargo carrying on world air routes is the Speedpak, an external carrier which can be hoisted into position against the underside of the fuselage of a Lockheed Constellation.

The L-1649A (one prototype, 43 production examples) and the Douglas DC-7C (121 built) were the ultimate propliners but the new generation of jets quickly relegated these once-glorious sky kings to second and third-level operators. It was the end of a golden age; one that was, unfortunately, never to be repeated. 63-passenger seating arrangement of a Lockheed L-1649 Starliner. 1 THE SUPER ULTIMATE CONSTELLATION PROPLINER 2 1. Delivered to Air France on September 27, 1957 as F-BHBR ‘Jacques Marquette’, the aircraft went on to serve with Trek Airways before joining Luxair as LX-LGY in May 1966.

This transport also set a Super Constellation record by flying at a weight of 166,400lbs. (Lockheed News Bureau period caption dated 1954) MILITARY FASTEST MILITARY TRANSPORT -- Capable of crossing the United States in about six hours, the Lockheed YC-12IF is powered by four Pratt & Whitney T-34 turboprop engines, developing 5700hp each. Long, slim nacelles lead exhaust gases over the wing after their power has been harnessed to the broad-bladed propellers. Two of the big prop-jet YC-12IF Super Constellations were built for the USAF and two (designated RTV-2) were built for the USN.

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