By Martin Fleming, Cyril A. Reilly

A consultant to aid shape, behavior, and extend aid teams to slot the desires of the chemically based scholar.

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Some educators, concerned about a student and wanting to help, will ask for additional information. This can be shared when appropriate. For example, a teacher might approach you with concerns about a student in your support group who's not completing assignments and is extremely withdrawn and restless in class. Sharing information about what's happening in the student's personal life, and how the teacher should respond to the student, can be helpful for both the student and the teacher. Policies on Physical and Sexual Abuse Sometimes you'll learn that one of your group members is being physically or sexually abused.

What Happens After the Group Disbands? 135 Evaluating Individual Group Members 135 Concerned Persons Group: Recommendations 137 Drug Information Group: Recommendations 138 Recovery Group: Recommendations 139 Evaluating the Group 139 Addendum 9: Support-Group Feedback 141 Afterword 143 Resources 144 Appendix: The Twelve Steps 152 Page 1 Introduction Yesterday as I sat with a fifteen-year-old student, I watched tears trail down his cheeks as he attempted to hold back the feelings threatening to emerge after years of silence.

Moreover, chemically dependent students who are in recovery are often reluctant to talk openly about their problems in the presence of students who can't wait until three o'clock to get drunk or stoned. For these and other reasons, it's best to have separate groups that focus on the specific issues characteristic of each of the three kinds of students. The divisions are straight-forward and logical: students affected by a family member's chemical dependence, students who are currently abusing chemicals, and students recovering from chemical dependence.

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