By Gareth King

Colloquial Welsh is simple to take advantage of and fully updated. particularly written via an skilled instructor for self-study or category use, the direction provides you with a step by step method of written and spoken Welsh

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1 So it is with sport in general: it can be fun, but it can also have significant political, social and economic consequences. So it is with sports history: studying it can be as much fun as playing sport, but it can also be just as serious. Unfortunately, historians have been slow to appreciate this. One aficionado in the early twentieth century lamented that 'it is a surprising circumstance that the national idiosyncracy of which many of us are proudest - our love for sport - has hitherto signally failed to arouse the enthusiasm of .

The Puritans were not satisfied solely with strict Sabbatarianism: even on other days recreation was to be tightly controlled. Drinking, gambling and the sports associated with it, profanity and prostitution were obvious targets for prohibitive legislation; brutal sports were outlawed as a double evil providing pleasure for the spectators as well as pain to the animals; even dancing was frowned upon because as a result of it 'many maidens have been unmaidened'. 49 Indeed many Puritans felt that any leisure which did not contribute to a person's religious development was heinous.

2 Little has changed a century later when it could be commented that 'one thing that mattered to most working men in late Victorian England was how they spent the time when they were not at work. '3 Economic historians in particular have failed to take up their pens. Sport has become big business: vast amounts are invested in the creation of the sports product and its economic spin-offs; sports superstars earn high incomes, as much from off-field as on-field activities; and sports consumers by the million pay at the gate to watch them play, and even more are secondhand spectators via the printed and electronic media.

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