By Antoni Bayes De Luna(auth.)

Written by means of one of many world's most beneficial cardiologists and designed with the wishes of the internist and common medical heart specialist in brain, this new quantity offers transparent, obtainable suggestions at the use of electrocardiography to diagnose and deal with cardiovascular disease.Content:
Chapter 1 task of the center (pages 1–10):
Chapter 2 The historical past of Electrocardiography (pages 11–15):
Chapter three software and obstacles of the outside ECG: current and destiny (pages 16–21):
Chapter four The Anatomical foundation of the ECG: From Macroscopic Anatomy to Ultrastructural features (pages 23–33):
Chapter five The Electrophysiological foundation of the ECG: From mobile Electrophysiology to the Human ECG (pages 34–53):
Chapter 6 The ECG Recording: Leads, units, and methods (pages 54–66):
Chapter 7 features of the traditional Electrocardiogram: basic ECG Waves and periods (pages 67–94):
Chapter eight Diagnostic standards: Sensitivity, Specificity and Predictive price (pages 95–99):
Chapter nine Atrial Abnormalities (pages 103–122):
Chapter 10 Ventricular growth (pages 123–157):
Chapter eleven Ventricular Blocks (pages 158–202):
Chapter 12 Ventricular Pre?excitation (pages 203–215):
Chapter thirteen Ischemia and Necrosis (pages 216–276):
Chapter 14 Mechanisms, category, and medical elements of Arrhythmias (pages 277–300):
Chapter 15 energetic Supraventricular Arrhythmias (pages 301–328):
Chapter sixteen energetic Ventricular Arrhythmias (pages 329–353):
Chapter 17 Passive Arrhythmias (pages 354–372):
Chapter 18 analysis of Arrhythmias in medical perform: A Step?by?Step procedure (pages 373–384):
Chapter 19 The Diagnostic price of Electrocardiographic Abnormalities (pages 387–401):
Chapter 20 The ECG in numerous medical Settings of Ischemic center illness (pages 402–452):
Chapter 21 Inherited middle ailments (pages 453–472):
Chapter 22 The ECG in different center ailments (pages 473–493):
Chapter 23 The ECG in different illnesses and various occasions (pages 494–510):
Chapter 24 different ECG styles of hazard (pages 511–522):
Chapter 25 obstacles of the traditional ECG: software of different concepts (pages 523–540):

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13). In an area or tissue of the SCS, the functional and effective refractory period is measured through the application of increasingly premature atrial extra-stimuli (Bayés de Luna 2011). indd 40 A B Clinically, the RRP in a conventional ECG begins when the stimulus is conducted more slowly than normal.

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