The most recent quantity within the prestigious sequence The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, this paintings covers synthesis, reactions, houses, constitution, actual chemistry and software of monocyclic azepines.Content:
Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–8):
Chapter 2 Azepanes (Hexahydroazepines) (pages 9–116):
Chapter three Azepanones (pages 117–250):
Chapter four Azepanediones (pages 251–287):
Chapter five Tetrahydroazepines (pages 288–358):
Chapter 6 Tetrahydroazepinones (pages 359–402):
Chapter 7 Tetrahydroazepinediones (pages 403–411):
Chapter eight Dihydroazepines (pages 412–448):
Chapter nine Dihydroazepinones (pages 449–480):
Chapter 10 Dihydroazepinediones (pages 481–486):
Chapter eleven Azepines (pages 487–591):
Chapter 12 Azepinones (pages 592–606):

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01 Ref. 5/3 202 N-COCHBrCH3 230 IR, ‘H NMR 233 IR 181 Azepanes (Hexahydroazepines) 45 Table 3. p. p. p. 5 Ref. p. p. p. (“C) Spectroscopic evidence/data Fumarate ‘HNMR,MS 155- 156 N-(3,4-Dichloropheny1)acetyl 156158 1R Ref. 186 187 Azepanes (Hexahydroazepines) 47 Mono-4-substituted azepanes Table 4. p. p. p. 5 Ref. p. p. p. (“C) Spectroscopic evidence/data N’ -cH~, ‘H NMR N2-acetyl 137- 139 N’-CH’Ph, N2-acetyl 169-171 N’-CH24, N’-acetyl 84-86 Ref. 191 Azepanes (Hexahydroazepines) 49 Table 5. p.

Analogues Et,N, the product (92) being obtained in 23% ~ i e l d . ~ ~The %Q CHzPh CH2Ph (911 (92) CH3 H -2 CH3 C02CH3 CH3 cH3Q I H CH3 (93) (94) could not be cyclised. An organolanthanide-induced cyclisation of the alkenamine 93 to the azepane 94 has been rep~rted;~’ hopefully this type of process could be adapted for working on a moderate scale. Azepanes (Hexahydroazepines) 21 7. Ring Contractions and Fragmentations Some interesting azepane structures have been reported arising from the above approaches.

PROPERTIES AND REACTIONS Azepanes, as one would expect, are moderately strong bases, forming stable salts such as hydrochlorides, picrates, fumarates and hydrobromides. The tertiary bases (N-alkylazepanes) also form methiodides. ”’ The azepane bases are, in general, stable distillable liquids, oils or low-melting solids (see tables). ”2 N-Alkylation of N-unsubstituted azepanes is easily brought about by reaction with alkyl halides in the presence of Et3NIi3 or sodium hydroxide s ~ l u t i o n .

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