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Chapter VI Fused 5/6 Ring structures with additional Heteroatoms (pages 749–859):
Chapter VII Fused 5/6 Ring platforms with 3 additional Heteroatoms (pages 861–925):
Chapter VIII Fused 5/6 Ring structures with 4 or extra additional Heteroatoms (pages 927–948):
Chapter IX Fused 5/6 Ring structures with Bridgehead Nitrogen Atoms (pages 949–956):
Chapter X Fused 5/7 and bigger Ring structures (pages 957–1000):
Chapter XI Fused 6/6 Ring platforms with out additional Heteroatom (pages 1001–1140):
Chapter XII Fused 6/6 Ring platforms with One additional Heteroatom (pages 1141–1214):
Chapter XIII Fused 6/6 Ring structures with or extra additional Heteroatoms (pages 1215–1239):
Chapter XIV Fused 6/6 Ring platforms with Bridgehead Nitrogen Atoms (pages 1241–1246):
Chapter XV Fused 6/7 and bigger Ring platforms (pages 1247–1264):
Chapter XVI Bridged 3/4 via 5/6 Ring structures (pages 1267–1320):
Chapter XVII Bridged 6/6 Ring platforms (pages 1321–1402):
Chapter XVIII Bridged 6/7 and bigger Ring structures (pages 1403–1421):

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Rejerence A-502. 4H-Pyrimido(2,1-bJbenzoxazole 6 By condensing 2-aminobenzoxazole ( I ) with fl-aminocrotonic ester, Antaki and Petrov' prepared I1 (m. 146"), which they named 7th CH,C =CHCOOC,H, 9 1 + 5 0 as a derivative of 4,ll-dihydro-I, 7 l-dia

279". m. 193" (189"). m. 160-1". , m. > 280". , m. 280". , m. 304". 15 HN,c 0,S &MethyI-*nitro- 12-0x015HioN20S 8-Methyl-12-0x0m. 226". m. 180". PM~thyl-12-0~o15HmN203S2 3-Mtthyl~~lf~nyl-12-0x0- m. 256". 0Unsubstituted Refs. 2 13 1 2 2 2 2 4 References Bush and Birk,J. pruk6. , 121 55,356 (1897). Bose and Pathak, ,7. Indian Chm. , 11, 463 (1934); Qem. , 11, 3255 (1934); Chcm. Abstratts, 29,165 (1935). Katz,J. Am. C h . , 75,712 (1953). Katz, Karger, Schroeder and Cohen, J . , 18,1380 (1953). The condensation of I with ethyl &aminocrotonate was found yield I1 (m.

See Section A-544). H, m. 128-30"; R 0 (IIa) R (IIb) R References 1 . Bentley, Cook,Elvidge and Shaw, 3. Chem. , 1949,2351. 2. , 1949,2357. = = H f-R 773 Fused 5/6 Ring Systemswith Two Extra Heteroatoms - A-496. p. (a) 170" and (b) 195--7"], presumably stereoisomeric, of structure I1 (see Section A-545). CH,OOC CH3>I"H 0 CH,OOC __* -2H,O CH3 >/-N-'YJT CH3 S d . ,N 1 CH3 S4COOH EEi COOCH, Reference 1 . Chem. , 1949,2351 I A-497. H - lH-p-Oxazino[4,3-a] benzimidazole 6 T h e name morpholino(3':4'- 7 : 2 ) b e ~ i m i n a r o l ewas applied to 3,4dihydro derivatives of thus nucleus.

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