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A catalyst opens a new pathway during the course of a reaction. H2O2 can be decomposed into H2O and O2. When a small amount of MnO2 is added as a catalyst for this reaction, it increases the rate of production of O2. MnO2 H2O2(l) ⎯⎯⎯⎯→ H2O(l) + 1/2 O2(g) The presence of a catalyst is denoted over the arrow in a chemical equation, since it does not affect the overall reaction. Rate of Reactions 49 Properties of Catalysts Catalysts have the following properties. 1. They remain unchanged after the reaction.

Potential Energy (kJ/mol) 9. 290 68 5. Ammonium nitrite is decomposed according to the following reaction. 432 Μ after 3 hours, what would be the rate of decomposition of NH4NO2 in this time interval? 2NO + O2 180 0 2NO2 Reaction Coordinate According to the given graph, find the following; a. Activation energy for forward reaction b. Activation energy for reverse reaction c. Enthalpy of the reaction d. Energy of activated complex Rate of Reactions 53 10. CO(g) + NO2(g) → 14. 5 kJ/mol and +91 kJ/mol, respectively: Let us say the given reaction has a three-step mechanism: a.

D) They change the activation energy. E) They remain unchanged after the reaction. Rate of Reactions 57 CRISSCROSS PUZZLE 1 2 4 3 5 7 6 8 9 10 ACROSS 2 Organic catalysts in living cells. 4 Type of reaction in which energy is produced. 7 A substance that increases the rate of a reaction without being changed. 8 The slowest step of a reaction mechanism. 9 Minimum energy required to form a chemical reaction. 10 A substance that slows down a reaction. 58 Heat, Chemical Kinetics and Electrochemistry DOWN 1 An equation that gives information about the rate of a reaction.

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