By M. Verzele

Principally in response to laboratory paintings, the amount opens with a assessment on hops ordinarily, whereas the majority of the booklet covers the chemistry of the sour acids of hop and beer. sensible, totally specific systems at the coaching and/or the separation of a number of the compounds mentioned are integrated. there's a bankruptcy integrated at the complex factor of sour acid research, and several other at the high-efficiency liquid chromatography of hop sour acids.

Bearing in brain the shortcoming of literature produced lately during this box, the ebook is a wonderful evaluation of the current kingdom of data, and provides a wide checklist of subject matters pointing to necessary reports for the long run. The indexes supplied will function a reference library-dictionary to hops, hop and beer sour acids chemistry and research.

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A way round this difficulty is to block splitting of the chromosomes in two groups of 10. This can be achieved by chemical treatment with, for example colchicine. The sexual cells of plants treated in this way contain 20 chromosomes and the offspring has 40 chromosomes (tetraploid). When a normal female egg cell of such a tetraploid, with 20 chromosomes, is fertilized by male pollen with 10 chromosomes, the result is a triploid with a larger probability that this will retain the female plant characteristics since it contains all the female plant chromosomes.

For a fairly recent review we refer to the paper by Strauss on the past, present and future of hop extracts (35). Carbon dioxide extraction of hops continues to attract much attention (36-40). The utilization yield with pre-isomerized extracts can be as high as 80-90%, but these data have not been substantiated by practice over long periods. Isomerization of each alpha acid gives rise to two iso-alpha acids, a cis form and a trans form. There seems to be a small difference as regards these two forms of iso-alpha acids in the intensity and the nature of the bitter taste.

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