By Edward M. Spiers

Chemical guns are nonetheless a potential army choice. This booklet assesses their charm by means of analyzing how the brokers, munitions and protecting gear of chemical conflict have developed in view that 1915; how technological ideas and refinements in weaponry have altered tactical assumptions; and the way those guns were hired in conflicts from the 1st international warfare to the Gulf conflict. the writer argues that the weapon know-how has proved inherently dynamic, new new release of biochemical brokers may well quickly be to be had, and that hands keep watch over is probably not capable of diminish those developments.

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Only in countering the vesicant properties of mustard was the British anti-gas effort thwarted. The Small Box Respirator protected the eyes and respiratory tract against the effects of mustard gas, but the ability of mustard to burn and blister, even through clothing, confounded British research. Other countries were no more successful. When the French introduced their own mustard gas, the Germans responded by providing soldiers with boxes of bleach or permanganate, so that they could treat any contaminated skin with reactive chemicals.

It could be altered in various respects to improve the area coverage and aerosolisation of relatively nonvolatile agents, such as tabun and mustard. 6 kg of TNT to disperse tabun from the KC 250 111 Gr bomb). 66 The British and Americans examined the feasibility of base ejection, by which the chemical bomb, as it embedded itself in the ground, ejected through its tail canisters of agent which then exploded in the airY Of most significance, though, was the development of the cluster bomb as a method of reducing the problem of over-dosage around the point of burst.

12 All the principal belligerents employed cylinders to launch cloudgas attacks. They used a variety of cylinders, ranging from commercial chlorine containers, which were three feet nine inches long and weighed 180 pounds when filled, to cylinders which were two feet six inches long and weighed fifty-five pounds when filled. They normally arranged these cylinders in batteries (with the composite number depending upon the size of cylinder involved) and installed them in their front-line trenches.

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