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The topics selected for this moment quantity were conscientiously chosen through the overseas editorial board to hide new, very important development during this fast-developing box. With contributions from many well-liked researchers operating on the frontiers of the chemical sensor box, the publication presents updated info and proposal to all readers

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7 X 101 in dry air to about 2 X 10° in wet air (saturated with water vapor). The response time, however, is improved greatly from dry air to wet air. Data shown in Table 4 gives specific information on the effect of 20i 0 1 1 400 1 1 1 \ 800 1200 Time (sec) 1 r 1600 Fig. 11 Kinetic responses of a Pd/SiO, (~45Â)/w - Si diode to 160 ppm H2 in dry air and wet air (saturated with water vapor) ambients at RT. Dry air and wet air are initial ambients, respectively. TABLE 4. 3 /d(min) 25 13 water vapor on the response time and recovery time of the Pd/SiO*/Si heterostructure diode to 6000 ppm H2 in O2 at room temperature.

IVit>1014 cm"2 eV"1) (4) In this case B is not small and is of the order of the semiconductor band gap. In the case of an MS diode the current density-voltage (J-V) characteristic describing charge transport when a bias V is applied is given by3,16) J=Jo(e»"*T-l) (5) where k is Boltzmann's constant, T i s the absolute temperature, and n and/o are diode parameters. The quantity W, termed the diode ideality factor, is in general greater or equal to unity (W> 1) and may vary with bias and temperature depending on the details of electron and hole transport across the MS junction.

Academic Press, New York, p. 191 (1959). W. Mokwa, D. Kohl, G. Heiland, "Decomposition of ethanol and acetaldehyde on clean ZnO prism and oxygen faces", 4th European Conf. on Surface Science, Münster Germany, Surface Science (1981). J. F. McAleer, P. T. Moseley, J. O. W. Norris, D. Ε. Williams,/ Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. 1, 83, 1323 (1987). N. Yamazoe, Y. Kurokawa, T. Seiyama, Sensors and Actuators, 4, 283 (1983). V. Demarne, A. Grisel, Sensors and Actuators, 14, 301 (1988). W. Göpel, Progr. Surf.

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