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content material: Sampling and analytical technique for place of work chemical dangers : cutting-edge and destiny traits / C. Clarine Anderson, Ellen C. Gunderson, and Dale M. Coulson --
improvement of an analytical technique for benzidine-based dyes / Eugene R. Kennedy and Martha J. Seymour --
An infrared research approach for the decision of hydrocarbons amassed on charcoal tubes / Thomas C. Thomas and Andrew Richardson, III --
improvement of private sampling and analytical equipment for organochlorine compounds / K.W. Boyd, M.B. Emory, and H.K. Dillon --
dimension, research, and keep an eye on of cotton dirt / Joseph G. Montalvo, Jr., Devron P. Thibodeaux, and Albert Baril, Jr. --
Estimation of airborne sodium hydroxide / E. Reid --
improvement of a mode for sampling and research of steel fumes / W.F. Gutknecht, M.B. Ranade, P.M. Grohse, A.S. Damle, and P.M.P. Eller --
Sampling and leap forward reports with Plictran / Clifford C. Houk and Harry J. Beaulieu --
Sampling and research of chlorinated isocyanuric acids / John Palassis and John R. Kominsky --
tracking for airborne inorganic acids / M.E. Cassinelli and D.G. Taylor --
really good sorbents, derivatization, and desorption thoughts for the gathering and backbone of hint chemical compounds within the office surroundings / R.G. Melcher, P.W. Langvardt, M.L. Langhorst, and S.A. Bouyoucos --
strong sorbents for office sampling / Ellen C. Gunderson and Ellen L. Fernandez --
Diffusional tracking : a brand new method of own sampling / D.W. Gosselink, D.L. Braun, H.E. Mullins, S.T. Rodriguez, and F.W. Snowden --
An assessment of natural vapor passive dosimeters less than box use stipulations / R.S. Stricoff and C. Summers --
The position of organic tracking in scientific and environmental surveillance / Carl B. Monroe --
Permeation of protecting garment fabrics via liquid halogenated ethanes and a polychlorinated biphenyl / R.W. Weeks, Jr. and M.J. McLeod --
using a fiberoptics epidermis infection computer screen within the office / T. Vo-Dinh and R.B. Gammage --
A wellbeing and fitness possibility assessment of nitrosamines in a tire production plant / J.D. McGlothlin, T.C. Wilcox, J.M. Fajen, and G.S. Edwards --
Sampling tools for airborne insecticides / Ellen C. Gunderson --
Occupational publicity to polychlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans / Christoffer Rappe and Hans Rudolf Buser --
prevalence of nitrosamines in business atmospheres / D.P. Rounbehler, J.W. Reisch, J.R. Coombs, D.H. effective, and J. Fajen --
fuel chromatography-mass spectrometric characterization of polynuclear fragrant hydrocarbons in particulate diesel emissions / Dilip R. Choudhury and Brian Bush --
program of glass capillary fuel chromatography for selection of strength detrimental compounds in office environments / G. Becher, A. Bjørseth, and B. Olufsen --
Suitability of assorted filtering media for the gathering and resolution of organoarsenicals in air / Greg Ricci, George Colovos, Norman Hester, L. Stanley Shepard, and Janet C. Haartz --
decision of fragrant diamines and different compounds in hair dyes utilizing liquid chromatography / Kenneth Johansson, Walter Lindberg, Christoffer Rappe, and Martin Nygren --
excessive functionality liquid chromatographic decision of fragrant amines in physique fluids and advertisement dyes / P.J.M. Vantulder, C.C. Howard, and R.M. Riggin --
An evaluate of statistical schemes for air sampling / S.M. Rappaport, S. Selvin, R.C. Spear, and C. Keil --
business hygiene logistics / Gary Stough and Alfredo Salazar --
The NIOSH motion point : a better glance / James C. Rock --
commercial hygiene air sampling with consistent move pumps / W.B. Baker, D.G. Clark, and W.J. Lautenberger --
Statistical protocol for the NIOSH validation checks / Kenneth A. Bush and David G. Taylor --
The advent of microprocessor-based instrumentation for the size of occupational exposures to poisonous components / R. Kriesel, H. Brouwers, and ok. Jansky --
a flexible try out surroundings new release and sampling process / Shubhender Kapila, Ravinder ok. Malhotra, and Corazon R. Vogt --
improvement of office guidance for rising strength applied sciences / Otto White, Jr. and Daniel Lillian --
fresh advancements in electrochemical strong polymer electrolyte sensor cells for measuring carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen / A.B. los angeles Conti, M.E. Nolan, J.A. Kosek, and J.M. Sedlak --
a brand new passive natural vapor badge with backup strength / W.J. Lautenberger, E.V. Kring, and J.A. Morello --
New know-how for private sampling of NO₂ and NOx within the place of work / R. McMahon, T. Klingner, B. Ferber, and G. Schnakenberg --
Ion chromatographic research of formic acid in diesel exhaust and mine air / Itamar Bodek and Kenneth T. Menzies.

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Ed. ; DHEW (NIOSH) Publication No. 77-157A, Vol. 1, P&CAM 234, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Cincinnati, OH, April, 1977. 14. Rounds, R. L. In "Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemical Analysis": Snell, F. ; Hilton, C. ; J. Wiley and Sons: New York, 1968; Vol. 6, pp. 404-408. 15. Riggin, R. ; Howard, C. C. Anal. , 1979, 51, 210-214. 16. Schulze, J . ; Parkes, D. Anal. , 1978, 50, 171-174. 17. ; Rappaport, S. , R. ; Campbell, E. ; Ettinger, H. J. Los Alamos, New Mexico, December 1977, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Progress Report LA-7058-PR.

This column caused the benzidine peak of the reduced dye to obscure a peak due to a n i l i n e . I f these two compounds were not r e s o l v e d , the method could not d i f f e r e n t i a t e between benzidine-based and a n i l i n e - b a s e d dyes. This problem was removed by use of the Waters R a d i a l Compression Module Model RCM 1 0 0 w i t h a R a d i a l Pak A c a r t r i d g e . I. I. I. 27 min) as can be seen i n Figure 2. Other p o t e n t i a l i n t e r f e r e n c e s were s e l e c t e d for study by l o o k i n g at the expected fragments from the r e d u c t i o n of v a r i o u s dyes.

I. I. I. D i r e c t Black 38. The remaining data from the storage study i s shown i n Table IV. 05 l e v e l o f s i g n i f i c a n c e . I. D i r e c t Red 28. Duncan's m u l t i p l e range t e s t i n d i c a t e d that the recovery on day 1 was s i g n i f i c a n t l y d i f f e r e n t from the other three analyses a t days 7, 14 and 28. Analyses a t days 7, 14, and 28 were not s i g n i f i c a n t l y d i f f e r e n t . I. I. I. D i r e c t Brown 95 there were no d i f f e r e n c e s between r e c o v e r i e s a t days 1, 7, and 28 f o r each dye.

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