By Jay Wilkinson

Domestic Run: The 12 months the files Fell chronicles the checklist atmosphere domestic run chase and lines each domestic run through Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. This appealing hardcover is full of fascinating sidebars and loaded with colour pics and images. a few highlights comprise positive factors on Ruth and Maris, McGuire's son Matt, Sosa's 20 domestic run month in June stats, notes and charges and the All-Star hom-run contest.

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It never could have been completed in its present form without Gretchen's professional skills, for which I remain most grateful. Page ix Preface For several years, I encouraged my Dad to share all the diverse aspects of his life in an autobiography. Although he was well known as a football coach, his accomplishments and interests ranged far beyond sports, and I thought many Americans would be interested in a whole-life perspective on this outstanding manwhat made him "tick" and how he became such a success in so many different fields of endeavor, from sports to politics to broadcasting to business.

Most of the sailors thought they'd be going to Japan," Mom says. But on August 14, after the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the war was over. Fischer was on a ferry coming into Seattle when the sirens signaled the end of the war. "There's a building in Seattleit's almost the shape of the Washington Memorial, only shorter. " Mom was walking through the Navy Yard on her way to the Officers' Club. "There were hundreds of employees in the yard. When the whistles went off, I was right in the middle of it.

My gun group was on the starboard side of the stack, so I just heard it . It actually landed abreast of where we were, and all of my sailors were undisciplined enough that they ran to the edge of the ship, because they couldn't believe they were looking at this great big piece of deck. " The forward elevator flew 400 feet into the air. Fourteen men were killed and thirty-four injured. Dad was standing behind a beam at the time and was unhurt. Had he been positioned only three or four feet away, he would have been killed.

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