By Julius Hensel

This e-book was once the 1st paintings to assault Von Liebig’s salt fertilizer thesis, and it stands as legitimate at the present time as while first written over a hundred years in the past. Translated from the German writings of Julius Hensel, the booklet used to be designed to introduce the folk of the U.S. to the concept that vegetation require fit nutrition with a view to flourish, simply as a individual does. It describes a then new and rational method for fertilization which has turn into technological know-how at the present time — fetilizing with stone airborne dirt and dust. Hensel went trying to find meals for crops and located it within the primeval rocks. ate up such meals, crops will yield fit, healthy and lifestyles maintaining nutrients that escapes ailment and parasites.

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But of course not all earthy constituents have been taken out of the dung, for of some a superabundance may have been provided, part of which is still contained therein. Such manure, therefore, is by no means without value; as animal bodies contain about four-fifth water so there are also considerable quantities of water contained in crops. , will in the kiln still lose 15 per cent of water; and green fodder and vegetables contain a full three-fourth of four-fifths of water; in some root crops the water amounts even to nine-tenths.

Does not stable- feeding cohere with this "strong" feeding and this forced fattening? And does not the stable air so poor in oxygen cause the muttain of cattle? And does not the mortality of our children spring from the cow-milk poor in earths? That in consequence of fertilizing with stable manure, crops poor in earths are produced is indubitable after what has been stated above. From these nutriments poor in earths again follows a host of ills - nervous debility, nervous sufferings, decomposition of lymph and serum, which are continually becoming more prevalent.

The hotel keeper in Carlstal, near Schreiberhau, in the Riesengebirge, kept twelve beeves. The manure from the cattle he conveyed to a swampy meadow, which up to that time had only produced sour grasses; but after the stable manure was applied, it yielded so luxurious a growth of grass that he used the abundance to feed his twelve oxen and cows. It was not long however, before the cattle became decrepid and ten of them died. The cause of this was the fodder grown from stable manure, in which ammonia supplied the place of the fixed alkalies, potassium, soda, lime and magnesium.

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