By C. F. Van Sumere, W. Van Brussel, K. Vante Casteele (auth.), Tony Swain, Jeffrey B. Harbone, Chris F. Van Sumere (eds.)

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8) of methyl lividate clearly shows a 3JCH interaction between the side chain methylene protons and C-5. The resonance for the latter appears, therefore, as a doublet of triplets corroborating the formulation (XIX) as the correct one to represent hydroxy physodic acid itself. By far the most important use of 13C_NMR for the is in the elucidation of biosynthetic pathways 3-5. By feeding appropriately 13C enriched precursors and follow up of the metabolite by NMR clearly pinpoints biocgem~st 0 HO 0 OH 0 OH OH 0 HO Q'CO'CH 3 0H (XXIX) 0 It HO Versiconal Acetate OH ~CO J OH Figure 8.

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