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The program stops at line 270. 2 Splot: streamlines of sources and a stream A program, SPLOT, for finding the streamlines due to a stream and a number of sources (or sinks), follows. The program finds the value of stream function ψ at points on a grid and then finds the height at which a given value of ψ occurs on each column of the grid. Line 100 reserves storage for the ψ values on a (21 X21) grid and also the strength and x coordinates of up to 10 sources. Lines 110-140 are concerned with input, as indicated by the listing.

The results for CD are not always accurate, with the shapes having a sharp edge caused by the original circle passing near (—1,0) or (+1,0). When the values of Γ/2π and AF are chosen so that the velocity is small in this edge region then the solutions are more accurate. In fact this suggests the condition for the correct circulation about such a wing shape, called the Kutta condition, that the velocity should be zero at the sharp edge so that the flow leaves the edge smoothly rather than 'turning a sharp corner'.

XT and YT will be the length and width of the new shape. (4) In the loop from line 3070 to 3200 velocities are calculated from potential gradients between each pair of points on the new shape (line 3080 to 3110). The pressure coefficients CP(I) are found from these velocities at line 3120. Lines 3130 and 3140 add the contribution of each element of surface to the force coefficients. Lines 3150 to 3190 add the contributions of each surface element to the length and width of the shape if these increments are positive.

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