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A main program that initializes the first few entries in the array T of trial divisors, then computes the values of the variable A, and calls a subroutine. 2. 21 . 23. 5 Decomposition into Prime Factors Dividing a number into prime factors means finding all of the prime number divisors for that number. Elementary approach: Starting with the number two, we will look for divisors. When we find a proper divisor, we will print it out. If a divisor does not work or no longer works, we will go on to the next number.

Line 200 holds the value 5 corresponding here to 5 elements. Line 210 holds the values of the 5 elements. This version of the program is limited by the instruction DIM A(l 00) to 100 elements. By modifying this instruction the program can be adapted to have a larger or smaller maximum capacity. 15 16 BASIC EXERCISES FOR THE ATARI - This type of organization makes the program less expensive to modify and easier to read. Note: It is a general rule with FOR loops that the terminal value should be a variable rather than a constant.

12) . A simple method that might accomplish this task would be to use an auxiliary variable. The value of this auxiliary variable could control this "flip-flop" function . For example, the value 0 could be assigned to a variable S before entering the loop. In the loop a test on B would select the left branch if B is zero. In the left branch an instruction, B = 1, would be inserted, so that on the next test, the right branch would be taken . In this branch, a B = 0 will be placed, which will cause a switch back to the left side for the next run through.

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