By Gould R.F. (ed.)

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Using information technology to achieve these goals will greatly enhance our ability to protect and secure both the principles of our discipline and the civilization in which that discipline is used and practiced. Finding: There are major societal and civic problems that challenge the chemical community. These problems should be addressed by chemistry and chemical engineering, aided by IT advances. These societal issues include providing stewardship of the land, contributing to the betterment of human health and physical welfare, ensuring an informed citizenry through education, facilitating more thoughtful and informed decision making, and protecting and securing the society.

Develop a permanent, ongoing interaction between the chemical sciences and IT communities to guide investments in infrastructure for the chemical sciences. Next consider the roles of users who use the methods and tools developed by technical experts to solve problems. • Users may include other technical experts, industrial technicians and trainees, students, and learners. • Most users will want to input their own variables—which may be confidential—and will want return to their work leaving no fingerprints for others to view.

2003 .. , 2003 (in preparation). 3 Opportunities, Challenges, and Needs Information technology (IT) is a major enabler for the chemical sciences. It has provided the chemical scientist with powerful computers, extensive database structures, and wide-bandwidth communication. It permits imagination, envisioning, information integration and probing, design at all levels, and communication and education modalities of an entirely new kind. The richness and capability of effective data management and data sharing already permit, and in the future will facilitate even more successfully, entirely new kinds of understanding.

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