By Oliver Sacks

Awakenings—which encouraged the most important movement picture—is the striking tale of a gaggle of sufferers who shriveled sleeping-sickness throughout the nice epidemic simply after international conflict I. Frozen for many years in a trance-like kingdom, those women and men got up as hopeless till 1969, while Dr. Oliver Sacks gave them the then-new drug L-DOPA, which had an staggering, explosive, "awakening" impact. Dr. Sacks recounts the relocating case histories of his sufferers, their lives, and the intense variations which went with their reintroduction to a replaced world.

Case histories of sufferers of "sleeping sickness" & their restoration; foundation for the new film.

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Cosmic engulfment; immense physical and psychological suffering; unbearable and inescapable situation that will never end; various images of hell; feelings of entrapment and engagement (no exit); agonizing guilt and inferiority feelings; apocalyptic view of the world (horrors of wars and concentration camps, terror of Intensification of suffering to cosmic dimensions; borderline between pain and pleasure; "volcanic'' type of ecstasy; brilliant colors; explosions and fireworks; sadomasochistic orgies; murders and bloody sacrifice, active engagement in fierce battles; atmosphere of wild adventure and dangerous explorations; intense sexual orgiastic feelings and scenes of harems and carnivals; experiences of Enormous decompression; expan­sion of space; "illuminative" type of ecstasy, visions of gigantic halls; radiant light and beautiful colors (heavenly blue, golden, rainbow, peacock feathers); feelings of rebirth and redemption; appreciation of simple way of life; sensory enhancement; brotherly feelings; humanitarian and chari­ Phenomenology in LSD Sessions Undisturbed intrauterine life: realistic recollections of "good womb" experiences; "oceanic" type of ecstasy, nature at its best ("Mother Nature''); experience of cosmic unity; visions of Heaven and Paradise; disturbances of intrauterine life: realistic recollections of "bad womb" experiences (fetal crises, diseases, and emotional upheavals (table continued on next page) Page 36 TABLE 2.

However, a general discussion requires emphasizing that the COEX dynamics is not limited to constellations of traumatic memories.  As my experience with holotropic states became richer and more extensive, it became clear that the roots of the COEX systems reach much deeper.  However, a typical COEX system reaches even further and its deepest roots consist of various forms of transpersonal phenomena, such as past­life experiences, Jungian archetypes, conscious identification with various animals, and others.

It can thus draw on any historical period, geographical area, and spiritual tradition of the world, quite independently from the subject's cultural or religious background. 1. Page 34 TABLE 2. Basic Perinatal Matrices BPM I BPM II BPM III BPM IV Schizophrenic psychoses (sadomasochistic and scatological elements, automutilation, abnormal sexual behavior); agitated depression, sexual deviations (sadomasochism, drinking of urine and eating of feces); obsessive­compulsive neurosis; psychogenic asthma, tics, and stammering; conversion and anxiety hysteria; frigidity and impotence; neurasthenia; traumatic neuroses; organ neuroses; migraine headache; enuresis and encopressis Schizophrenic psychoses (deathrebirth experiences, messianic delusions, elements ofdestruction and recreation of the world, salvation and redemption, identification with Christ); manic symptomatology; exhibitionism Chewing and swallowing of food; oral aggression and destruction of an object; process of defecation and urination; anal and urethral aggression; sexual orgasm; phallic aggression; delivering of a child, statoacoustic eroticism (jolting, gymnastics, fancy diving, parachuting) Satiation of thirst and hunger; pleasure of sucking; libidinal feelings after defecation, urination, sexual orgasm, or delivery of a child Related Psychopathological Syndromes Schizophrenic psychoses (paranoid symptomatology, feelings of mystical union, encounter with metaphysical evil forces); hypochondriasis (based on strange and bizarre physical sensations); hysterical hallucinosis and confusing daydreams with reality Schizophrenic psychoses (elements of hellish tortures, experience of meaningless "cardboard" world); severe inhibited "endogenous" depressions; irrational inferiority and guilt feelings; hypochondriasis (based on painful physical sensations); alcoholism and drug addiction, psoriasis; peptic ulcer Corresponding Activities in Freudian Erogenous Zones Libidinal satisfaction in all erogenous zones; libidinal feelings during rocking and bathing; partial approximation to this condition after oral, anal, urethral, or genital satisfaction and after delivery of a child (table continued on next page) Oral frustration (thirst, hunger, painful stimuli); retention of feces and/or urine; sexual frustration; experiences of cold, pain and other unpleasant sensations Page 35 TABLE 2.

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