By Dennis P. O'Malley (auth.)

The spleen is an organ which has assorted capabilities together with immunologic and hematologic. The Atlas of Spleen Pathology describes and selectively illustrates the conventional and pathologic stipulations that afflict the spleen. This remarkable choice of prime quality electronic pictures will materially relief in carrying on with efforts to acknowledge, comprehend, and effectively interpret the gross and lightweight microscopic findings in spleens.

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35 Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma. Another low magnification of LPL in the spleen. In this case, there is evidence of an increase in lymphocytes in the red pulp, with apparently normal white pulp Fig. 36 Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma. High magnification of LPL involving spleen. This case shows extensive plasma cell differentiation. The abnormal cells are predominantly present in the red pulp and areas present in cords and sinuses. Atypical plasma cells (large size, binucleated forms) are seen. No Dutcher bodies (intranuclear immunoglobulin inclusions) are seen, but they are often present in LPL Fig.

63 Plasma cell myeloma. Gross image of spleen involvement by plasma cell myeloma. In this case, there is a diffuse red pulp pattern, imparting a “beefy” appearance. Myeloma only rarely involves the spleen diffusely, as in this case. (Image courtesy of D. ) Fig. 64 Plasma cell myeloma. High magnification of splenic involvement by plasma cell myeloma. Only occasional plasma cells are seen, including some with Dutcher bodies. 7 Hairy Cell Leukemia Fig. 65 Plasma cell myeloma (PCM), extramedullary hematopoiesis.

CD20 stains of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma involving red pulp. Individual large lymphoma cells are outlined by CD20 immunohistochemical stain. These lymphoma cells are within cords and sinuses, with many interspersed small lymphocytes (likely T cells) and macrophages Fig. 144 Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (left) adjacent to an area of coagulative necrosis (right). The lymphoma cells have a diffuse pattern. The areas of necrosis show cell ghosts. Likely there was compromise of the vascular supply leading to the area of necrosis Fig.

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