By Claudia Focks MD

This excellently designed Atlas of Acupuncture is straightforward to entry and gives transparent info at the complete variety of acupuncture issues and major channels in a scientific and transparent approach. every one of those issues mix anatomical drawings and images of floor anatomy. This acupuncture atlas not just presents newcomers with an outline of crucial acupuncture issues, yet skilled practitioners may also find out about seldom used acupuncture issues and hence expand their knowledge.

  • Clear details at the complete diversity of acupuncture issues and major channels in a scientific and transparent way
  • Each element combines anatomical drawings and images of floor anatomy
  • Attractive two-colour design
  • Highly illustrated

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12 Infraorbital margin Frontal squama ST-2 Fig. -18 Zygomatic bone Maxilla ST-2 Infraorbital foramen Apertura piriformis Fig. 16) The bony structures below the lateral orbit are formed by the zygoma. -18 is located directly below the outer canthus of the eye at the lower border of the zygoma, at the junction of the zygoma and the maxilla, on the anterior border of the masseter muscle. (➞ Lower face and chin). -3 On the lateral aspect of the face, the temporal process of the zygoma articulates with the zygomatic process of the temporal bone to form the zygomatic arch.

4 Styloid process of the ulna Wrist joint space Tendon of extensor digiti minimi Tendons of extensor digitorum Dorsal wrist joint space (‘dorsal wrist crease’) (➞ Fig. 63) For the location of points on the dorsal aspect of the hand and forearm, many Chinese textbooks quote the dorsal wrist crease for anatomical reference. Since this crease may vary in location, the space between the proximal row of the carpal bones and the radius/ulna should be used instead. This space can be easily palpated by gently moving the wrist joint.

56) The olecranon forms the tip of the elbow. -10 is located in a depression proximal to the olecranon. 3 Forearm and Hand For locating points on the forearm, it is important to note whether the arm is in a pronated or supinated position, since this can have a considerable effect on the relative location of some points (see also location details of specific points). -11 runs along the lateral border of the forearm, while in pronation it traverses the forearm. -8 Olecranon Fig. -11 Olecranon Lateral epicondyle Flexor carpi ulnaris Extensor digitorum Fig.

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