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Atari Basic-Faster and Better

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Carl M. Evans

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LST". LST. 3. RUN your program to initialize the variables, then simply execute a GOSUB 19940. ATARI BASIC Faster & Better 57 4. A short menu will come up asking you to press the START botton for output to the screen or SELECT for output to a printer. If you select the printer, be sure to turn your printer ON before pressing SELECT. 5. If you modify your program, make sure that you delete the lister routine when you LIST the new version to disk. LST, you can use the following abbreviated version of it.

BAS - A STRING PACKER GOTO 260 REM ** KEYBOARD ENTRY ROUTINE ** OPEN #3,4,0,"K:" GET #3,RES : IF RES<68 OR RES>155 THEN 140 CLOSE #3: RETURN REM ** TIME DELAYS ** FOR Z=1 TO 500: NEXT Z: Z=0: RETURN FOR Z=1 TO 25 : NEXT Z: Z=0: RETURN REM ** INITIALIZE DATA ARRAY ** PAC$(l)="" : PAC$(NP)="" : PAC$(2)=PAC$ : RETURN ATARI BASIC Faster & Better 210 REM ** AUTO RETURN ROUTINE ** 220 POSITION 2,0 230 POKE 842,13 : STOP 240 POKE 842,12 : RETURN 250 REM ** MAIN PROGRAM ** 260 DELAY20=180: DELAY=170: KEY=130: ARM=202 : TITLE=210 : Z=0 :ZZ=0 270 PRINT CHR$(125): GRAPHICS 2+16 : SETCOLOR 4,8,0 280 POSITION 16,2 : PRINT #6, "datapak" 290 POSITION 14,8: PRINT #6," (C) 1982" 300 POSITION 12,10 : PRINT #6," vervan software " .

I am not recommending that you try this, since debugging would be almost impossible. The point is that you should try to think of memory size as being under your control. 1 gives you a table of available memory addresses for different size Atari 800 computers. The cartridges will use the addresses shown regardless of how much "memory" you have. When you put a cartridge in your computer, the computer switches the connection of those addresses to point to the cartridge. If you normally have RAM at those addresses, then the RAM is disabled.

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