By E. Glasberg

Arguing that Antarctica is the main mediated position in the world and hence an awesome position for trying out the boundaries of bio-political administration of inhabitants and position, this e-book remaps nationwide and postcolonial equipment and gives a brand new glance on a 'forgotten' continent now the point of interest of ecological quandary.

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The hemispheric paradigm would shape human history in general and Antarctic history directly. In particular, Ptolemy’s world map operated like an open canvas, incorporating great swathes of blank space and thus inviting the expansion of knowledge. The renaissance development of a perspectival or holistic globe utilizing the grid of latitude and longitude supplanted the globe broken up into distinct zones. From the modern globe’s mathematical projection developed the notion that “anywhere is linked to everywhere” (Agnew), lending a metageographical naturalness to imperialist territorial aggrandizement and capitalist accumulation.

They are the obverse of Google Earth’s mapping. ” Moving through the sector and grid, Paglan utilizes the techniques of biopolitical control, cross-referencing databases to locate the missing places and people, the “ghost” prisoners and hidden sites. He ironically uses a gridding technique to yield the holes in the mesh, the absences constituting the “outside” of the grid, the points between the points. These nonsites or non-places destabilize distinctions of inside/outside, seen/ unseen, knowable/unknowable that found rational conceptions of space.

Retrofitting the Last Place—The Persistent Failure of Sector Theory The mapping system that emerged to organize contested territorial claims was the polar sector. A sector is a pie slice of territory radiating north from the South Pole to the ragged and continually calving, thus unmappable, edges of the continent. Using a polar projection centered on the South Pole, the sector map layers the geophysical actuality of the continent’s circumpolarity and generally round, contained form (except for the peninsula jutting northward) with a more geometrically regular overlay of the grid of latitude and longitude.

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