By Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler, Karl E. Byleen

The eleventh variation of Analytic Trigonometry keeps to provide readers trigonometric suggestions and purposes. nearly each proposal is illustrated by way of an instance by means of an identical challenge to motivate an energetic involvement within the studying strategy, and notion improvement proceeds from the concrete to the summary. broad bankruptcy overview summaries, bankruptcy and cumulative overview workouts with solutions keyed to the corresponding textual content sections, powerful use of colour reviews and annotations, and widespread screens of vital fabric to assist grasp the topic. Analytic Trigonometry, 11e comprises up-to-date purposes from quite a number diversified fields.

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9. Surveying You have walked 21 m away from a tree. At that point the angle of elevation to the top of the tree is 75°. How tall is the tree? 10. Flight A large airplane (plane A) flying at 31,000 ft sights a smaller plane (plane B) traveling at an altitude of 28,000 ft. The angle of depression is 37°. What is the line-of-sight distance between the two planes? 11. Surveying When the sun’s angle of elevation is 41°, a building casts a shadow of 38 m. How high is the building? 12. Navigation From the top of a lighthouse 21 m high, a sailboat is sighted at an angle of depression of 6°.

C = ? 19. , b = ? Applications 20. , b = ? C In Problems 21 and 22, find the unknown quantities by making a scale drawing (download a protractor and ruler if you don’t have them). 21. Suppose in the figure that ∠A = 70°, ∠C = 90°, and a = 101 ft. Estimate c. 22. Suppose in the figure that ∠A = 50°, ∠C = 90°, and b = 36 ft. Estimate c. In Problems 23 and 24, let P be a point on AB in the figure such that CP is perpendicular to AB. 23. Explain why triangles ACP and BCP are similar. 24. Explain why triangle ACP is similar to triangle ABC.

Length of an Air Vent Find the length of the proposed air vent indicated in Figure 2. , for AЈCЈ; copy the 20° angle CAB and the 90° angle ACB using a protractor (see Fig. 3 on the next page). Now measure BЈCЈ (approx. 7 in. 0 in. 7 in. 0 in . 7 in. 35 is a dimensionless* number. Multiply To one significant digit * If both numbers in a ratio are expressed in the same unit of measurement, then the result is a dimensionless number. 0 in. CЈ 17 AЈ 20Њ Measure (approx. ] BЈ FIGURE 3 [Note: The use of scale drawings for finding indirect measurements is included here only to demonstrate basic ideas.

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