By Daniel Carter Beard

Иллюстрированная Энциклопедия знаков, сигналов, жестов и символов.

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Fig. 45. Tells us that a dishonest man lives here. In Qr unre ii able ancient magic among Jupiter; . it is the sign of the yeggmen and underworld people, it tells them where they can dispose of stolen goods. ) to avoid. AND SYMBOLS SIGNS, SIGNALS 38 to 6 A si s n of 011 you know that thieves are among you. Keep your eyes on the f^ - . let ' ten fingers of the pickpockets. S. ) Fig. 47. 2 on 10, sometimes used verbally, same as Fig. 46. ) AORiMtHAs Fig. 48. Warning. D recently not a safe place. ) JL 49 V BE PREPARED TOD T N D YOUR LR MERE..

88. I 53 This Here. This is a place. Here. useful tramp sign, it is the new but was fur- nished to the writer by Hon. Geo. Porter, Director of Public Safety of Philadelphia. ) CHAPTER IX MAP SIGNS OF PEOPLE MAPS AND FENCES TELLING OF MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN. WHITE, YELLOW, RED AND BLACK MEN, OFFICERS AND DOCTORS, SIGNS FOR SCOUTS AND "JUSTICERS" IT is often necessary and useful to inform our friends, our clan, our Scouts, our fellow explorers, just what sort of people we have met; just what people they will meet on the trail.

Long roll of the drum will be recognized as an emer- DANGER NAUTICAL gency signal. When used in the Army it is 43 a general-alarm and requires all troops to fall into ranks. During the War of the States the long roll was well understood by everyone; at the sound of the drum the women would gather up their jewels and valuables preparatory to well guess yes, they would flight and the small boys would signal make a break for the trenches in hopes of seeing a battle! EMERGENCY SIGNALS WITH THE VERY PISTOL The red star made and repeated with the Very pistol in quick succession as a call, without the rocket, is a signal of distress or alarm, indicating attack, shipwreck, man overboard, fire or other emergency.

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