By A. R. & Boulton, A. J. [Eds]. Katritzky

(from preface)Volume thirteen of this serial book includes six chapters of which 4 take care of normal debts of compound periods: 1-azirines (F. W. Fowler), phenanthridincs (B. R. T. Keene and P. Tissington), tri-thiapentalenes (N. Lozac'h), and heterocyclic fcrrocenes (F. D. Popp and E. B. Moynahan). the opposite chapters are taken with specific features of the chemistry of teams of heterocycles: the tautomerism of purines (B. Pullman and A. Pullman) and quantitative features of the electrophilic substitution reactions of five-membercd jewelry (G. Marino).

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NaukSSSR 147, 634 (1962); Chem. Abstr. 58,9133 (1963). 81 K. Schlogl and M. Fried, Monatsh. Chern. 94, 537 (1963). 77 Sec. 1 HETEROCYCLIC FERROCENES 19 cenylenediboronic acid and copper carbonate were heated in pyridine. Irradiation of the methiodide of 86 gave an 84% yield of N-methyl2-cyclopentadienylene-1,2-dihydropyridine and some cyclopentadiene. ~~ A . N. Nesmeyanov, V. A. Sazoiiova, A . V. Gerasimenko, arid N. S. Sazonova, Dokl. Akacl. Nauk SSSR 149, 1354 (1963); Chem. Abstr. 59, 3460 (1963).

A . S. Smith and E. E. Most, J . Org. Chem. 22, 358 (1957). 14 R. F. Parcell, Chem. Ind. ( L o n d o n ) 1396 (1963). 12 13 50 [See. A . FRANK W . FOWLER Morrow et al. l53l6 Unfortunately, this method lacks generality. CH3 I + C=NN(CH3)31- 0 & An attempt by Sato17to prepare 2-phenyl-1-azirine from the dimethylhydrazone methiodide (30)resulted in the formation of 2,4-diphenylpyrrole (31). Although the I-azirine may be an intermediate (see Section IV,B, 2) in this reaction, its presence could not be detected.

Immunol. 96, 906 (1966). H. Franz, Naturwissenschaften 54, 339 (1967). l 7 0 H. Franz, 2. Chem. 7, 427 (1967). 1 7 1 L. T. , J . Label. Com,pounds 3, 87 (1967). 172 H. Falk, M. Peterlilr, and K. Schlogl, Monatsh. Chem. 100, 787 (1969). l 7 3 H. Franz and G. Scheuner, Histochemie 16, 159 (1968). 174 M. Peterlik, Monatsh. Chem. 98, 2133 (1967). 164 165 Synthesis and Reactions of 1-Azirines FRANK W. FOWLER Chemistry Department, State University of New Y o l k at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York I.

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