By John P. McKay, Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler

College-level textbook at the historical past of Western society to the Enlightenment (Volume 1 of two)

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In this region agriculture is possible only with irriga city builders who probably migrated from die east. By 3000 b,c. they had established a number of cities in the southernmost part of Mesopotamia, which became known as Suraer. As the Sumerians pushed north, they came into contact with the Sem ites, who readily adopted Sumcrian culture and turned to urban life. 1). tion and good drainage. Consequently, the Sumcr- ians and later the Akkadians built their cities along the Tigris and Euphrates and the branches of these rivers.

Covered documents and recent work, however, govern the city. ) exercised political power, and most of the city's land was the property of individual citizens. Sumerians sought to please and calm the gods, es Sumerian society was a complex arrangement of freedom and dependence, and its members were di vided into four categories: nobles, free clients of pecially the patron deity of the city. Encouraged the nobility, commoners, and slaves. The nobility and directed by the traditional priesthood, which consisted of the king and his family, the chief The harsh environment fostered a grim, even pes simistic, spirit among the Mesopotamians.

D] city gates, and (E) the Euphrates River. (Sourca: The University Museum, Univer sity of Pennsylvania) around Akkad (or Agadc, now modern Baghdad) was occupied by bands of Semitic nomads, people Environment and Mesopotamlan Culture linked by the fact that their languages all belonged to the group of languages known as Semitic, a group that includes Hebrew and Arabic. Into the south came the Sumerians, a people of farmers and From the outset geography bad a profound effect on the evolution of Mcsopotamian civilization.

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