By George Matthew Karl

An entire number of the main the most important offensive basketball drills. Covers conditioning, ball-handling, screening, passing, taking pictures, fast-break, lay-up, submit play, offensive rebounding and out-of-bound drills. every one drill is defined intimately and diagrammed. training tips are incorporated for max effects.

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The player not rebounding sprints upcourt to fill the lane left by the player who assumed the middle position in the break. The drill should be continued to the far free throw line, with the wings cutting to the basket for a pass or the middle player pulling up for a short jump-shot. There should be no delay in making or receiving passes; the ball should never hit the floor. Page 77 Drill #63: Fast-Break Bounce Pass Feed Drill Objective: To develop bounce pass skills while hitting a wing cutting to the basket off the fast-break.

As soon as X2 scores and has possession of the ball, X1 moves to get open and the drill is repeated. Instead of rotating after each basket, the coach may choose to have the players stay in the same positions until the shooter makes an arbitrary number of shots before the players reverse their roles. The coach may add various degrees of defensive pressure on the shooter for realism. The emphasis should be on quick execution and sharp movements; however, the players should not sacrifice precision for haste.

Page 60 Drill #47: Wing Play Objective: To practice shooting skills when confronted with a close-out move by a defender. Description: The drill involves either two players or one player and a coach. One of the players serves as an offensive player (X) and is positioned on the wing with a ball. The other player (or coach) acts as a defensive player. ,"shut down") the offensive player. Diagrams AD illustrate four possible reactions the offensive player can use against the close-out: shoot a jump-shot (A); take one or two dribbles and then shoot a jump-shot (B); shoot a runner to the basket (C); and perform a crossover move and then shoot a jump-shot (D).

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