By George Matthew Karl

Real name - one hundred and one Basketball Rebounding Drills

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The outlet player then throws the ball to the next player in the front of the line. The outlet player goes to the end of the line, while the rebounder becomes the outlet player. The drill is run in a quick, continous manner for a predetermined number of repetitions or length of time. Page 59 Drill 46 Two-Line Rebounding with an Outlet Pass OBJECTIVE: To practice rebounding and outlet pass techniques. DESCRIPTION: The squad is divided into two equal-sized groups, each of which lines up on one end of the free throw line facing the basket.

After shooting the ball, X-1 goes to the wing area on the side of the basket on which the ball bounds and awaits an outlet pass from X-2. X-2 rebounds the ball using proper form and outlets to X-1. The drill is conducted for a preset length of time, and then the players switch roles. While the drill is live, all players are encouraged to give a maximum effort. Page 58 Drill 45 Outlet Passing OBJECTIVE: To practice rebounding techniques and develop outlet passing skills. DESCRIPTION: The players form a single line facing the basket.

The drill continues with the same (X)s against all of the (O)stwo at a time. Once the (X)s have defended against all of the offensive players, they go to the end of the offensive player line and two new defenders take their place. The (C) and (M) a variety of options: (1) shoot immediately; (2) pass to each other and then shoot; or (3) pass to one of the (O)s who then shoots can be given. Page 54 Drill 42 Baseline Box-Out OBJECTIVE: To practice boxing-out and rebounding techniques. DESCRIPTION: The drill involves six playersthree on offense (O) and three on defense (X).

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